Welcome To Veranda Editorial

Freelance Editing

My mission as an editor is to help your voice shine without the distraction of errors or confusing organization. Whatever your style, it’s my job to ensure it’s presented consistently and accurately to enhance your credibility as a writer or brand.

Working with an editor allows you to focus on your message, while I fine-tune its mechanics.

Adaptability to new subject areas is one of the hallmarks of Veranda Editorial’s service. The following are select examples of my editing experience:

  • Copyright law
  • Business cases for education
  • Food and beverage
  • Recipe editing, including a cookbook and two e-books
  • Sports memoir
  • Young adult romance novels
  • Blogging resource materials
  • Business coaching manual

Writing Services

I also provide freelance writing services. Writing is a natural complement to the editing process, requiring me to write in the client’s voice with an understanding of their area of subject matter expertise. The following are examples of the writing I do in the course of my editorial work:

  • Ghostwrite articles
  • Marketing newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Course materials
  • Presentations

As a freelance writer, my work includes:

  • Articles for a Canadian foodservice trade publication
  • Advertorial features for a newspaper
  • Sponsored posts for brands and associations
  • Articles for a food and blogging website
  • Food-focused articles promoting tourism
  • Writing about editing

I also publish a food blog, Urban Cottage Life, where I explore the theme of modern scratch living through recipe development and introductory essays.

Contact Me

Veranda Editorial is located in London, Ontario, Canada but I conduct my work online. Contact me at verandaeditorial@gmail.com or through a comment on this site.

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