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Veranda Editorial serves clients in diverse fields such as food publishing, legal education, business and health.

Marlene freelances as Content Editor for, where she edits course materials in Word and works directly online on the website.

I started working with Marlene in the Fall of 2015 even before I met her in person. She was professional, stuck to my schedule, and always carefully followed my instructions. I did meet her in October and she was just as great in person. I initially engaged her as an editor but from the beginning Marlene always went beyond what I expected and now she helps me with a variety of work-related things, including writing. I highly recommend her services.

Lesley Ellen Harris,

Marlene served as Copy Editor for Food Bloggers of Canada for four years, editing roughly half of the material published on the website.

Marlene has been a great asset to FBC’s content creation team. We rely on her to maintain FBC’s light and approachable tone while keeping us polished and professional online and in our B2B communication packages. Whether we need a deep edit or a quick grammar check she takes care of us. She’s so easy and fun to work with and she just makes my life 10 times easier every day!

Melissa Hartfiel, Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Food Bloggers of Canada

Marlene has edited many articles written by Tiffany Mayer, a journalist and freelance writer who writes extensively about food and agriculture. Tiffany publishes the blog Grub by Eating Niagara.

I always feel good when I know Marlene is editing my work. I appreciate her eagle eye — am grateful for it, really. But I also appreciate how she respects the individual voices of her writers. While she spares us embarrassing mistakes, she honours each story as a reflection of the person writing it, and she doesn’t try to override that with editing for the sake of editing. She will not make unnecessary changes to inject herself into a story. Instead, she puts the polish on what’s there, and brings out the best in a story. I really love working with Marlene.

Tiffany Mayer, Grub by Eating Niagara

Ashley Linkletter is a cheese expert, writer and blogger.

I was just talking to another writer friend yesterday and we were talking about how great it is to work with a thoughtful editor — you always make my articles shine!

Ashley Linkletter, Music With Dinner